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Super Computing 2008--Top Honors

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The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s computing and visual analytics capabilities demonstrated in the Supercomputing 08 High Performance Computing Analytics Challenge claimed the “Best Overall” award at the annual conference, held in Austin, Texas, in November 2008. In the competition, PNNL researchers demonstrated that genome sequencing analysis can be made interactive and intuitive at the same time, helping advance DNA discoveries and finding hidden relationships contained within massive amounts of information. Addressing real world problems using comprehensive computational approaches, large data sets, and high-end visualization technology to display results were among the leading criteria in which competition entries were judged.

The PNNL team, led by Chris Oehmen, demonstrated a desktop capability that integrates interactive visual analysis and high performance computing power allowing users to browse through the complement of proteins found in various bacterial species. Using a high performance computing platform, the team compared 42,000 proteins from ten Shewanella species to each other and to a collection of well-characterized proteins common in microbes, visually looking for interesting functional trends in graphical clusters. Browsing this dataset allowed the researchers to discover a testable hypothesis regarding biofilm formation. Key tools featured in the PNNL demonstration, ScalaBLAST and SHOT which support biological workflows and hypothesis discovery in real time, quickened the process of protein sequencing and comparison, with the visualization interface allowing information previously embedded in text files to become readily apparent.

Supercomputing is an international conference held annually. The conference draws more than 11, 000 attendees, and is viewed as one of the premier events for the scientific computational research community.

Article Title: Super Computing 2008--Top Honors

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