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Challenges in national security require the ability to transform terabytes and petabytes of streaming data into information for decision support and control and situational awareness and response. Advances in Data Intensive Computing enable near real-time extraction of knowledge from multiple types of data, numerous sources and various scales. By vastly accelerating analytical results for critical decisions and discoveries in threat detection research, commerce and cyber security, scientists can address many of the difficult challenges that were previously untouchable.

PNNL has built several tools which allow cyber security analysts to better organize these large amounts of data and visualize them in near-real-time. Tools such as those featured here have enabled security systems to avert and predict network threats like never before - moving us towards a safer cyber community. These tools enable scientists and analysts to be confident that they can easily access and use the data and systems they need, when they need them, with confidence that their systems and data are secure and uncorrupted.

Last Update: 13 July 2011 | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory