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  • Computational Sciences & Mathematics --PNNL's Computational Sciences & Mathematics Division is merging high performance computing with data-centric analysis capabilities to solve significant problems of national interest in energy, the environment, and national security.
  • Computational and Statistical Analytics at PNNL --PNNL's Computational Sciences and Statistical Analytics Division is conducting research and development in information analytics, knowledge systems, scalable systems engineering, secure cyber systems, and statistics and sensor analytics.
  • Data Intensive Computing for Complex Biological Systems --In this joint project, PNNL and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are addressing the data intensive complexities of biological research to support biology's transformation to a predictive systems science by developing new theories and large hardware infrastructures and delivering integrated high performance analysis and modeling and simulation technologies.
  • NCRR Proteomics Research Resource for Integrative Biology --This national user facility is funded by the National Center for Research Resources component of the National Institutes of Health to serve the biomedical research community by developing, integrating, and disseminating new proteomic technologies and training scientists in their use.
  • National Visualization and Analytics Center --The NVACâ„¢ is a national and international resource for which PNNL provides scientific leadership, coordination, and innovative contributions to the field of visual analytics for homeland security, intelligence, and defense.
  • DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research(ASCR) --This DOE-Office of Science program funds research to discover, develop, and deploy the computational and networking tools that enable researchers in the scientific disciplines to analyze, model, simulate, and predict complex phenomena important to the DOE.
  • National Science Foundation Division of Information and Intelligent Systems --This division of the NSF's computer science branch supports projects related to 1) the co-evolution of social and technical systems 2) the ability to represent, collect, store, organize, visualize and communicate about data and information; 3) how computational systems can perform tasks autonomously, robustly, and flexibly.


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