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Electricity Infrastructure:

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Our nation's electricity infrastrusture was built one locality at a time to meet the needs of individual communities. It is now one of the most complex man-made machines ever built. In the coming years the demand for electricity will grow, with expectations to double by 2050. Our challenge is to enable a smarter energy grid.

PNNL is leading the development of next-generation models and tools that will enable near-real-time monitoring and operation of the U.S. electric grid. The key to this outcome is the ability to integrate new grid sensor technologies with communication and computational technologies to "visualize" how the grid is performing in real time from the perspective of both operators and planners.

DIC is at the foundation of the network architecture and protocols that will enable rapid, dynamic, secure and selective flow of data from sensors across the U.S. electric grid. This allows the exploitation of data to develop real-time, wide-area models and simulations that describe the performance of the North American Power Grid, and the development of versatile visual analytic tools to support operational decisions in response to real-time information.

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