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  • Middleware for Data Intensive Computing (MeDICi) --An evolving middleware platform for building complex, high performance analytical applications. These applications typically comprise a pipeline of software components, each of which perform some analysis on incoming data and pass on the results to the next step in the pipeline.
  • ScalaBLAST --A parallel implementation of the original NCBI sequence alignment algorithm (BLAST). ScalaBLAST can be used to rapidly identify sequences which are similar to a set of protein sequences supplied by a user. For the ScalaBLAST software, contact Chris Oehmen.
  • Bioinformatics Resource Manager(BRM) --A software program that provides robust middleware architecture to link scientific applications and heterogeneous data sources. PNNL bioinformaticists are using this framework to automate multidisciplinary data mining processes used for high-throughput molecular profiling.
  • Proteomics Peptide Data Exploration(Pquad) --Allows a user to visually integrate genomic and proteomic data at the prokaryotic scale, display biological categorical information and view differential expression experiments.
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