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Data Intensive Computing Minitrack at the 42nd Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences -- Call for Papers

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Data intensive computing is concerned with creating scalable solutions for capturing, analyzing, managing and visualizing multi-terabyte and petabyte data volumes and data streams. Such data stores exist in a diverse range of application domains, including scientific research, bio-informatics, cyber security, astronomy, social computing and commerce. Innovative hardware and software technologies to address these problems must scale to meet these ballooning data volumes and simultaneously reduce the time needed to provide effective data analysis.

The Data Intensive Computing Minitrack at HICSS-42 will bring together contributions from leading international research and industry groups that address some of the emerging problems and solutions in the area of data intensive computing. Topics of interest include but are not limited to software architectures, storage and network systems, novel hardware platforms, data provenance, visualization data stream processing, workflow and integration platforms and application case studies.

Minitrack Focus

Creating breakthrough technologies to address many key data intensive computing problems will require the integration of results from various disciplines in computer science, engineering and mathematics. For example, the following are all part of the jigsaw of pieces required by data intensive computing solutions, and hence are relevant topics for the minitrack:

  • New algorithms that can scale to efficiently search and process massive data sets.
  • New meta-data management technologies that can scale to handle complex, heterogeneous and distributed data sources.
  • Advances in high performance computing platforms to provide uniform high-speed memory access to multi-terabyte data structures.
  • Specialized hybrid interconnect architectures to process and filter multi-gigabyte data streams from high-speed networks and scientific instruments and simulations.
  • High performance, high reliability, petascale distributed file systems.
  • New approaches to software mobility, so that algorithms can execute on nodes where the data resides when it is too expensive to move the raw data to another processing site.
  • Flexible and high performance software integration technologies that facilitate 'plug and play' integration of software components running on diverse computing platforms to quickly form analytical pipelines.
  • Data signature generation techniques for data reduction and rapid processing.
  • Application case studies in data intensive computing

Please feel free to contact the organizers below to discuss possible paper topics.

[edit] Paper Submission Due dates

Abstracts: June 1st
Full papers: June 15th
Details on the submissions process

[edit] Minitrack Organizers

Ian Gorton (primary contact)
Pacific Northwest National Lab
MSIN: k7-90, Richland WA 99352
Email: Ian.gorton@pnl.gov
Ph: 509-375-3850
Fax: 509-372-4720

Randal E. Bryant
Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Email: randy.bryant@cs.cmu.edu
Ph: 412-268-8821
Fax: 412-268-5497

Adam Wynne
Pacific Northwest National Lab
1100 Dexter Ave North, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98109-3598, US
Email: adam.wynne@pnl.gov
Ph: (206) 528-3227

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