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The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's approach to Data Intensive Computing is focused around three key research areas that enable scientific discovery. We develop and combine new technologies to create capabilities that enable scientific discovery and insight (e.g., remediating the environment), decision support and control (e.g., securing cyber networks), and situational awareness and response (e.g., preventing terrorism).

  • Software Architectures: Our software architecture, called Middleware for Data Intensive Computing (MeDICi), incorporates information integration capabilities, a virtualized data center, and a workflow engine to support the development of domain-agnostic solutions.
  • Hybrid Hardware Architectures: Our research in hybrid computing evaluates the use of multithreaded hardware architectures, field-programmable gate arrays, and multi-core processors that drive the analytics closer to the source to achieve near-real time data reduction and feature extraction.
  • Analytic Algorithms and Visualization: Our advanced analytics use novel algorithms to provide real-time analysis and visualization capabilities for exploration and diagnostic discovery to facilitate human understanding.

To learn more about how PNNL is advancing technology in these areas, explore the individual projects featured on this page.

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