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Chris Oehmen Invited to Speak at the DOE Joint Genome Institute Meeting

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January 2010

Chris Oehmen, a Senior Research Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will deliver a presentation January 25-26, at the Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute’s (JGI), as part of a meeting on High Performance Computing (HPC). Oehmen’s talk, titled “High Performance Computing for Sequence Analysis,” will focus on the national scientific challenges he has faced in HPC by developing solutions that can be used in a wide spectrum of computational and experimental biology research.

The meeting will bring together producers, managers, and users of next generation sequencing data from the Joint Genome Institute with leading computational scientists from DOE’s national laboratories. Leaders in the field will be discussing today’s most intensive computational challenges being faced by JGI for sequencing data, which includes analysis, data integration and management. Participants also will address the new and emerging infrastructure and methodologies for addressing these targeted challenges, including best practices and novel algorithms, and partnering opportunities.

The HPC workshop will be held January 25 and 26, 2010, in Walnut Creek, California.

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