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PNNL and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research collaborated in creating an integrated suite of flexible, high performance computational capabilities that enable large scale predictive modeling and simulation of biological systems. This suite, named Bio-Pilot, focuses on key data intensive biology applications where a high demand for advanced computing capabilities exists.

With the use of large-scale architectures, PNNL researchers foresee Bio-Pilot having a significant impact in energy production, carbon separation, environmental clean-up and national security. Focusing on three main research areas – data analysis, model abstraction and modeling and simulation – this new suite takes biological research from qualitative, descriptive science and aims it towards a more qualitative and predictive approach. PNNL and ORNL researchers hope that the Bio-Pilot project will provide new insights, hypotheses and discoveries by using the developed algorithms.

Website: https://www.biopilot.org/docs/index.php

Article Title: Bio Pilot

Article Added: 2010/08/18

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